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Hometown - Cannock


Finishing move - Hammerlock DDT (Frostbite) / Top Rope Leg Drop


Official Page - Layton Cole - ASWA


Known for his ‘fight anyone’ mentality and rebellious attitude, Layton Cole likes to tear his opponent apart on the microphone (usually, at length), before taking the beating to them physically. He is the longest serving roster member with over a decade in the company, winning more than his fair share of gold along the way, as well as repeating that success all over the country. There are few that have come to the Midlands and not had to tie up with Cole at some point or another

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Name - Axel Carter

Weight- 225lbs


Hometown- Bristol UK


Finishing Move- Diving Headbutt Bio-


Debuting for SLAM in 2013 Axel Carter has been a mainstay in the promotion, Clad from head to toe in his trademark pink and white attire and known for his larger than life charisma he is a huge fan favourite here. No stranger to a big fight feel Axel Carter has had some very notable opponents across his lengthy time in SLAM Wrestling, from mighty giants such as Big Tim Burns all the way to fast paced combatants by the likes of Aaron James. Known for his love for his supporters Axel gives his all to the vast legion of fans he dubbed his Axelmaniacs. Highlights: 1 Time SLAM Champion 1 Time X Division Champion 1 Time Touring Champion 1 Time Hardcore Champion 1 Time Prince Of Wales Rumble Winner


‘The Belgian Bull’ ROBIN LEKIME


Hometown - Ghent, Belgium


Finishing Move - The Bulldriver (Piledriver) / STF


Official Page - The Bull


Standing at 5’9 tall and weighing in at 240 pounds, The Bull is by far the strongest member of the ASWA Midlands roster. He is known as the Suplex Machine, and for good reason, having already shown his dominance in match ups, suplexing the likes of Aaron James and Jay Skyes across the ring. The Bull has been on an absolute tear since arriving in the Midlands, but he has long been a dominant force all over the world, holding countless European and UK championships.

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Name: Lugo Dudley


Height 6ft1 / weight 200.621 pounds


Finishing Move - Rotten to the core


Is a hard hitting competitor based in Bristol in the south west area, he’s a 2nd generation wrestler which his father carried the name before him. So now the 2nd generation star is carrying on the name and is aiming to make a huge impact in ASWA his strong style and hard hitting move set will set him apart from others and his no nonsense attitude will definitely cause some chaos in ASWA

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Name - ‘Your Obsession’ Kid Rothrock


Hometown - Redcar, North Yorkshire


Finishing Move - The Megamix Bio 


Made in the 80’s and loved by the ladies! A tough yet flamboyant competitor who uses a combination of speed and strength to overcome his opponents. A popular singles star who has previously won championship gold in the middleweight division. Rothrock loves everything about the 80’s, the decade where in his opinion the music, the movies and of course the wrestling was better. Rothrock has now entered the tag team ranks with his close friend ‘Retrowave’ Ash Cady. Together they form RetroBeat...your mother’s favourite wrestlers!!!


NAME - ‘Germany’s best kept secret’ LORY!


Hometown - Bremen, Germany


Finishing Move - Death Valley Driver


A 12 year pro, Lory has travelled all across world, winning championships all across Europe. Known for her hard hitting style, she’ll fight anyone that’s put in front of her, as she has shown on our weekly show, going toe to toe with the likes of Jon Allens.

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‘Skyes The Limit’ JAY SKYES


Hometown - Evesham, Worcestershire


Finishing Move - Idolizer (Cravate Driver) / Frog Splash


Official Page - 


Skyes made a huge splash in the company during his first full year of wrestling, winning the X-Division, Touring and Hardcore Championships as well as being voted the company’s ‘Wrestler Of The Year’. Skyes spent the majority of that year battling Aaron James in numerous contests, including a chain match that was voted the company’s ‘Match Of The Year’. The two would finally find a mutual respect for one another when Skyes saved James from an attack by multiple wrestlers,

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"The Juggernaut" Jon Allens


Height: 6 feet dead.


Weight: 260lbs Hometown: Kirkby in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire


An arrogant, cruel and devious man who will do anything it takes to beat his opponent. Not opposed to bending the rules to gain an advantage or outright breaking them to gain a victory, this behemoth of a man with a knockout punch is also deceptively quick and light on his feet, this quickness coupled with his incredible physical power make him a very dangerous opponent indeed. After turning pro in 2017 he has found success as both a singles wrestler and as one half of United in Violence with Bully Boy Carter. Together they have beaten many of the top tag teams this country has to offer and have their eyes firmly set on the newly minted ASWA Midlands Tag Team Championships.




Official Facebook page: Cindii Cole - Wrestler

Hometown: WALSALL


Finish: WIDOWS PEAK, Spear  and EAT DEFEAT


9 years a woman of Pro Wrestling.

ASWA MIDLANDS Womans Champion, SLAM Wrestling X DIVISION CHAMPION  and the longest reigning RPW womans champion.

Su Yung first European match. Wrestled past tna stars / current aew stars - Sienna, Kimber Lee & Allie .

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 "The Cowboy" Dan Striker


Height 5'10"


Weight 225lbs


Hometown Cannock England


Signature moves: Cannock Crush Calf Killer and Spin out Powerbomb


With 12 years wrestling experience Dan Striker has gone up and down the country proving too every man woman and child that this town and big enough for the Both of them. Unofficially the ladies know him as the Heartbreaker because he breaks the heart of the woman he's been with and the woman of the men he leaves in the ring after he gets the 1 2 3.