SLAM Wrestling's fan favorite and longest standing contracted talent but not your traditional 'Good Guy'. Layton is cheered if he cheats and misbehaves.  Former SLAM Wrestling Champion, Inter-Counties Champion, X-Division Champion, Tag Team Champion, Hardcore Champion.


6ft in height and over 30 stone Big Tim Burns is the largest member of the SLAM Wrestling roster. 

With over 8 years with the company he is also one of the longest serving wrestlers on the team.


With quick kicks that come out of nowhere and surprise opponents and an array  of moves intended to destroy the neck of wrestlers male or female who dare to sign on the dotted line for a match with Cindii.


Aaron James has only been on the roster for around two years however hes already made a big impact with his high flying and risk taking style.

Jumping from the top rope, heights and off ladders nothing stops Aaron from topping his last big stunt! 


Axel has been traveling to SLAM Wrestling from his USA home across the pond for 6 years.  Hes now moving into the Main event role. 2020 could be the year for this yank!


The big mouth of the promotion, Constantly on the microphone running down the wrestlers and fans alike.  Jay is however backing up his claims with gold as Jay Skyes currently holds the SLAM Wrestling touring championship.


Ricky most known for breathing fire on his way to the ring! but hes not all flash, Riott is an unbelievable risk taker on the ropes. Also known for is part in the Hardcore division at SLAM Wrestling.

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